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504 Gateway Time-out

The website is not loading with Nginx error

504 Gateway Time-out


I think servers are stuck again?

Do we have to wait till the afternoon again? till he finishes his work shift?

oh my…


is it so difficult to understand that this kind of service cannot run unattended?

it even amazes me that you aren’t even monitoring your emails, discourse site etc,
what is this? if not zero respect for your users?

maybe you should find a solution for us?

I told you before, if you can’t monitor it, why don’t you find / hire someone else to?

a brother, a cousin, an employee, there should be a solution…

I’m in the IT industry as well and I just don’t understand your approach at all…

I’ve sent the above on email to him too, if someone knows any other way to contact him, please do…

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Да, утром перестал грузиться сайт.

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Hope he is not on a holiday :smiley:
(Was thinking buying lifetime access, but seems bad option. I installed my own freshrss instance after last outage.)

I’m in a similar situation, in the afternoon when he fixes it,
I will have over 1000 articles unread and absolutely no time to read them,
so I’m setting up my feedly (which I wasn’t using) for times like this at least,
I’ve got inoreader as well and bq lifetime, when I bought it of course there was support,
but now I wouldn’t advise anyone to buy it,
it’s definitely amazing that someone has a service and doesn’t even checks his emails!
I just cannot understand it!

I’ve been a customer for many years now and never had problems like we’ve had recently. Slow performance, total outages, etc. Hopefully it can get sorted out the tool is an important part of my workflow.


Yeah, this is the first time in my ~10ish years of service that I can remember the site having issues, so I’m not worried about it being an ongoing issue. I also run a software business myself and know that sometimes these things happen.


I agree, the tool is good, but the support we get is getting worse and worse,
maybe he has no time for it, he wants to focus on his new job and only,

but it’s not our fault, he should think of a solution or something, I don’t know

also @glench these things happen, yeah, but they don’t take so much time to get fixed usually, waiting for mr @vshabanov to finish his daily job is his right of course, but seems ridiculous to me

Well, the service costs roughly one third of inoreader’s price.
You’re right, these things should be fixed much sooner.
But I guess you’re being also pretty harsh, given the much more affordable cost.

Still, I’ll think about moving off-the-cloud to something like ttrss, but I’m not sure they will be as complete solutions as bazqux et al.

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he just replied to my email this

"I didn’t check emails this morning and now I’m in the office and cant fix it until the evening.

It’s those damned “new” servers I recently migrated too. Old ones were starting to halt once in a few months and these new ones do it every few weeks. Need to move to something more reliable


I’ll echo what @glench said. I’ve been using Bazqux Reader for many years and the two recent outages have been the only ones I’ve noticed in all that time. If this starts happening all the time then I’d probably jump ship, but we’re talking twice in 10 years.

RSS readers are a niche product and BazQux has a fairly small market share, obviously we’re not going to be able to have on-demand support and I think that’s understandable, especially given how cheap the subscription is (under half of Inoreader).


Well at least we know it’s acknowledged and have some idea when it’ll be fixed. Thank you for sharing!

The service has been reliable far too long for me to be angry yet, but yes this is frustrating. I can’t imagine his anxiety having to go on about his day knowing it’s broken and there’s nothing he can do right now. :grimacing:

Catchup is going to be a slog, time to get a backup up and running when I can get my opml.

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Also echoing what @glench said. I’ve been a user since the beginning and the service has been superb. The two recent outages are unfortunate but I don’t doubt @vshabanov will look at measures to minimise/avoid any disruption going forward.

To be blunt, I’m surprised to hear the service isn’t monitored and managed 24/7. Obviously I don’t expect eyes on glass for something like this, but the owner should get notifications on his phone and have the ability to reboot hosts remotely.

I run a bunch of websites myself. I don’t charge users anything, it’s all hobby stuff. My hosts are monitored via the host provider (Linode, sends an email when a host goes down), locally (via the very simple monit, which sends emails when a disk is getting full, process not running, etc) and remotely via FreshPing (which I won’t link to as they aren’t accepting new accounts, but there are tons of free alternatives like Uptime Robot).

So I’m notified from multiple sources whenever there’s a problem, both via email and Pushover notifications on my phone. Then I can easily hit Linode’s web UI or SSH into my hosts to fix them. I do work in IT so I’m sitting at a computer, but even if I wasn’t I could do it from my phone given 15 minutes.

I don’t charge people $30/year to use my services, That’s the level of support I provide for free.

Edit: Very cool to see you here @Lon_Seidman! I’m a fan.


My goodness… most of you posting about the recent outage need to chill out, especially when we’re only paying a small annual subscription fee. As some have noted, the most recent problems aren’t typical. What that tells me is that the source of the problem might not be something our host can immediately - or perhaps even directly - fix. Think about it… how often has a software provider (gee, did I mean to say Microsoft)… introduced changes that disrupted a whole chain of previously bullet-proof systems? Some of you have suggested alternatives. That’s great… please go sign up for them! Others have complained about workflow disruption… gee, maybe you should improve your adaptability, just in case any other disruption ruins your day.


This is a commercial service. A full day of downtime with no communication is simply not OK. The service needs to be reasonably supported.

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Just loaded up for me. If he’s going for a new server to use maybe it’ll all work out


Indeed, back up now. Plenty of time before my commute home!

Yes, it’s fixed now. Feeds will be updated soon.

Worst possible timing – server died precisely when I went asleep and I didn’t check emails in the morning before going to work, so it was down for as long as possible.