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Anyone else having trouble with updates to their feeds?

I’m in eastern United States and haven’t had an update to most feeds for a large part of the day. Perhaps it’s just a local issue, but thought I’d check in.


yeap same here, service seems not to be working

I emailed the dev

I’ve been trying to add a new feed for a couple hours and it just spins. Looks like my other feeds aren’t updating, either.

Ironic. I tried the android app around the time I stopped getting updates. It locked up my very slow android tablet, so I figured maybe that “locked” up my feeds.

Guess not…

Same issue. Hopefully it gets resolved soon!

I emailed support on this issue.

Yes… same here… Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The same. More than 11h since the last update :frowning:

it seems that bazqux reader is unable to fetch anything :worried:
where’s the dev?

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Same here in France.

There was an issue with the feeds fetcher. For some reason it stopped updating feeds (investigating, why).

Restarted it, feeds will be updated soon.


All good on my end now, thanks!