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Automatically check for /feed.xml file

Normally BazQux is quite good at automatically finding the correct Feed URL for a given URL. However, today I tried to add and it couldn’t find any feed URL. Later I was informed that the correct feed URL is Shouldn’t BazQux be able to figure this out automatically?

There are many possible options: /feed, /rss, /feed.xml, /rss.xml, /rss20.xml, /atom.xml and so on. Perhaps I could check these out but in theory they could have a non-relevant content: they could redirect to main page (and then to different blog) or have some bad data. Maybe it could work for top level domains ( -> but adding /feed to some random URL may not work well.

In general it’s not safe to assume that there will be a feed if URL wasn’t linked from them blog page.

I think it’s better for blog author to add RSS Autodiscovery tag to his blog.

Mh, maybe there could be a popup like:

Can’t find any feed on the specified URL.
Shall we try out common prefixes like /atom.xml in case the author forgot to link it?

Check common prefixes

Oh, that’s great idea. Added it to my TODO list.

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