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Best source of BazQux news?

I used to get most of my updates about BazQux from Twitter, but that place is a dumpster fire now, so I’m not using it anymore. What’s the best source for news about BazQux? Is there another social media account to follow (preferably one that I can add in BazQux)?

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Would the BazQux RSS feed work?

EDIT: doesn’t look like it’s been updated recently though :grimacing:

That’s a good idea. I’ve got that feed added, but it’s been a while. I’m mostly interested in hearing about outages and that kind of thing. Maybe this forum is the best place?

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Yes, it’s best to subscribe to this forum.

I’m hardly monitoring Twitter now and mostly use it to report that issues are fixed (and thanks to new servers, there have been no issues during the last few months). It has also been a while since I’ve visited a Facebook page.

I follow this discourse forum using bazqux itself - subscribe to BazQux Reader Community - Latest topics

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Good idea! It turns out that I already subscribed to that one. :man_shrugging: