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Bottom mobile toolbar

I don’t know if it’s an actual “feature”, maybe it’s more a modification of the actual layout…
Right know I basically use the webapp on Android, it has everthing I need for my use.
Just, I find a little bit uncomfortable to use the commands that are placed high above the screen on mobile, therefore with a big screen, and using only one hand, it would probably be WAY more comfortable to have it at the bottom, especially because the full-text is one of the features that I use the most (or at least having a setting to choose between top and bottom, maybe one can prefer the current layout).

Do you think is feasible?

Thanks a lot for your time!

Yes, it would be a good usability enhancement. Alas How is development going? - #3 by vshabanov

Yes, it’s a good thing. But I’m afraid I won’t have much time for it soon. I have a full-time job and three kids now. There’s more free time now as most things (I moved to London last year) are settled, but I can’t promise anything substantial yet.