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Can we alphabetize articles (sort by article subject) within a subscription or folder?

A lot of the individual feeds I subscribe to have many, many articles all with the same subject since they are all part of the same thread. In my stand-alone RSS apps (I use both Vienna and Fiery Feeds), I am able to click a column’s header (Subject, Folder, Date, etc.) to sort by that column. Or, I am able to set the default view for a feed or folder to sort alphabetically by Subject).
For most of my folders (each usually containing hundreds of individual articles), I almost always sort them by Subject. That way, I can very quickly skim the subject text, sorted alphabetically, and quickly skip through the repeated subjects (all at once) that I am not interested in reading.
Viewing by Date (as Bazqux does) is handy, but an article with the same subject text (in the same thread) might be repeated dozens of times in a feed or folder. Sorting article titles by Subject would be awesome!

This is a quite popular feature request

Unfortunately, it won’t be implemented soon as it’s non-trivial, and I don’t have much time currently to add major new features.