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CNN feed no longer updating

My CNN feed is no longer updating. I’ve tried resubscribing using the address on the CNN website but it still shows the last feed being from about a week ago.

Some of the CNN feeds are updated some aren’t. They all exist and are fetched without errors, but they don’t have any new content

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) - still advertises a list of feeds. Perhaps it worth to mail them and ask why some feeds aren’t updated anymore.

You can try open rss feeds, e.g.

Thanks for your reply. The cause of the problem was a change made by CNN to create a new ‘general’ feed that replaced an older version. At the same time they sunsetted a few other feeds and bundled them into the new one. It took a while, with a helpful assist from @vshabanov, to try all of the feeds still listed on CNN’s RSS feed help page, and find what still works and doesn’t.