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Cookie settings for Authentication

Can you implement a per feed setting of cookies for retrieving content from hard paywalled sites?

FreshRSS and Miniflux both support this on the self-hosted option, and I use the FreshRSS implementation for many feeds, but would prefer to do it in Bazqux as a hosted solution that I don’t have to manage myself, worry about downtime, power outages, etc.

Personally I’ve moved most of my reading to hard paywalled subscriptions, primarily Substacks.

Doesn’t Substack provide an RSS feed with a key? Like http://...?key=abcd1234

Or a feed with a basic auth?

Cookies don’t look very convenient.

Or maybe they support newsletters and can be used via (that’s how I subscribe to paywalled sites)

No, there are only public feeds on Substack.

They do have newsletters and that is a solution but I prefer the pure reading view of RSS and I have other subscriptions that don’t send newsletters.

I understand it’s a difficult implementation that probably very few people would use. Thank you for your consideration.