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Hi, I had sent a feedback message a few days ago, but the deviantart rss feeds aren’t showing up with new items for me. All the rest of my feeds seem to be updating. Inoreader is updating them

For some reason they blocked reader (both Germany and US servers). You can try to email them (their contact form requires DeviantArt account). They could use


to find all the IPs reader can make requests from.

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I sent them a support ticket about it. Seems a bit odd that they’d suddenly do something like that with no notice. Do you find that larger places like this resolve the situation and unblock these sorts of things if asked?

It’s hard to say. Sometimes sites cooperate, sometimes they don’t.


Well, I’m striking out with my attempts thus far. I contacted dA about it and they told me to contact Github. I left a topic on there soon after and it’s been sitting without a response for a few days. If you wanted, and had an account with them, a comment from you on it might get it more traction: DeviantArt rss feeds disabled depending on server? · Issue #213 · wix-incubator/DeviantArt-API · GitHub

I’d definitely appreciate it. Or if you had an alternate idea I’d definitely be interested too.

Ok, so an update on this. The dA feeds appear to be updating properly now and the people I was trying to contact are messaging me. They claim it was shut down due to “rules to block traffic due to DOS attacks needed to be adjusted”

If there was anything you’d like me to tell them on your behalf, let me know. If not, please also let me know and I’ll end the support ticket.

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It’s great to hear that they fixed it. Everything is working fine on my end, so you can end the support ticket.

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Cool. That’s also good to hear. I’ve close it. Thanks for getting back to me