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deviantArt issue?

I was hesitant to add this topic on here because I thought it might be on dA’s side. However, some stuff points to that maybe not being the case?

I was recently trying to add new users from dA onto here with their RSS addresses and it wasn’t taking them. However, InoReader was taking them fine as that was how I was figuring out their specific address using their reader.

At the same time I’ve had less and less and now no updates from dA as time’s gone by. I’ve already sent a ticket in to dA to let them know about it and have yet to get a response, I’ll keep you updated.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Is anyone else having this issue? It seems to be ongoing. For deviant feeds it’s basically this: name)&type=deviation

All DeviantArt feeds return 403. They block access from my servers. So, probably, you need to wait for deviant art response.

You can add to a ticket that they can use to whitelist by a list of IPs, and/or add User-Agent containing BazQux to their whitelist.

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Yeah, something seems odd about this. I’m 95% sure that the last time I had a ticket open with them I told them the same thing with the whitelisting recommendation. They don’t seem to have taken that to heart. They claimed it was an overall issue last time. Now it’s working just fine for InoReader, so it’s not even blocked in all RSS readers…

I just want to make the message stick. I’m not sure how many others use an RSS reader for dA content, but I’m sure it’s not just inconveniencing me.

Ok, they came back out of nowhere (nobody was assigned to the ticket and they only left the one comment) and said that they’ve ‘changed a few things around and to check if it’s resolved the issue’. I can verify that all the feeds are coming in now. They haven’t mentioned anything about whitelisting. So I brought up the topic again.

Another update, this is the reply I got from them. I’ll try to remember to contact them this way in the future, but if you wanted to voice your concerns as an RSS reader provider, maybe they’d listen. The page is dA rss feeds blocked again? · Issue #222 · wix-incubator/DeviantArt-API · GitHub and it’s: dA rss feeds blocked again? #222 for the topic. Here’s their response:

Unfortunately we can’t whitelist individual services.

Inoreader was probably not affected due to polling less frequently, or due to backing off after errors.

In the future I would recommend contacting DA support at (and mention this issue for context) and it will be sent to the right people. Thanks!