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Disable lazy loading of images?

I have this disabled in browser and have tested it out with other pages but recently bazqux has been not loading images until I scroll. It’s super annoying. Any way to change this?

There’s no lazy loading of images on the BazQux website. There’s a lazy loading of articles, but it works on the article level, not the image level.

What browser do you use, and do you have any browser extensions installed?

I’ve had some of this too. I use Chrome and have quite a few extensions, but there’s just one specific feed for mine where it seems to load pictures slowly or not at all if I switch to a different feed. I don’t really care about the issue though for the lack of updates from the feed.

I use firefox. I have quite a handful of extensions installed but none of them are newly installed which is odd since I didn’t notice the lazy loading until recently. Maybe one of them updated and has caused it. I’m going to disable them all and test some things and I’ll get back to you. It’s also odd that the slow loading of the images seems to only come from one feed. Facebook feeds for example don’t experience the issue.

Maybe the issue is with a specific feed then? Some feeds has huge images that take quite some time to load. What is the feed you have issues with (you can mail it to

Sorry for the slow reply the feed is Install Guide Games