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Engaget RSS feed is broken?

I use as my feed url.
Over the last couple of days the feed started to look like this, even though the raw xml looks correct:

Not sure if this is related, the rss feed is not valid:

Should be fixed now. They have invalid media:content items – they have no media or type attributes and url do not have any file extension to infer media type so it treated as file attachment.

I suspect that they wanted media:thumbnail but mistakenly used media:content instead.

I’ve added a handling for such cases (media:content with width and height but without other attributes is handled like media:thumbnail) so these “download links” should be preview images now.

And, since Engadget’s rss-full.xml is no longer full, you could replace it with full text variant:

I emailed engaget support and they (surprisingly to me :slight_smile:) replied that they are aware of the issues with rss and working to fix it.
Given an option, i’d prefer to use engaget’s native full text feed rather than utilize your server’s resources :slight_smile:. But ftr is definitely a valueable tool and I’ve been using it on some of my other feeds.

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That’s great. Emailing site owner is the best solution. They should know that RSS feeds are still used by many people.