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Feed Creator combined with Full Text update issue

Has anyone got the combining a feed built through the feed creator tool to work with the full text tool?
On creation of the full text feed it looks great and loads perfectly, though when new articles come in from there I’ve encountered issues. For some it looks like the raw html is displayed and for others I get nothing at all.
Any ideas or workarounds much appreciated…

Have you checked the feed in the feed creator again after the new articles had appeared? Maybe the HTML/CSS markup was changed, and new items were wrongly detected.

Thanks for the suggestion… I’m unsure if the underlying site has changed, but I’ve set up a number of tests to track it going forward just in case. I think it more likely that my initial choice of CSS selectors was perhaps responsible, so I’ve tried a couple of iterations. The site doesnt update that frequently so I have to be a little patient.

I’ve since tested others that work very well with the combination of the feed creator and the full text service, so there doesn’t appear any issue there.

If I narrow down what the issue might have been, I’ll report back for others.

Product overall is fantastic - thanks very much!