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Feeds not updating any more

My last post from any subscription was approximately 5 hours ago. Since then BazQux seems to have stopped working. It doesn’t matter if the source is Facebook, YouTube or RSS - nothing seems to update any longer.

Is it just me or everybody?

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You are not alone. Like you, my feeds have not updated for hours.


Same here - last update was ~5 hours ago


Same here! - last update was ~8 hours ago (I’m at Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Yup, the same, site even disappeared for a while, but came back fairly soon, feeds are not updating after this.

if anyone knows any way to contact @vshabanov please do

One of my feeds just got updated. I suppose the service is running again and slowly catching up

Fixed. Feeds will be updated soon. I was in the office working my day job, so couldn’t fix it before the evening.