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Following YouTube Subscriptions

YouTube took away the OPML export of subscriptions that users follow. Might there be another way to get them in BazQux other than subscribing to each channel one at a time?

You could subscribe to the stream of your subscriptions using

If you get 403 errors please uncheck “Keep all my subscriptions private” in YouTube privacy settings.

You could read more about YouTube feeds in this blog post.

And I’m thinking to add support for YouTube subscriptions JSON a bit later.

I can’t seem to get that to work at all. My subscriptions are not private. I don’t have a YouTube username, but a User ID that looks like a random string of letters. I tried it, as well as the Google username associated with other Google accounts (dsaleist) but I just get the 404.

You need to subscribe to this feed in BazQux Reader. Just opening it in browser will show you 404. YouTube previously supported such URLs (API v2) but then deprecated them. But they still work in BazQux. Just checked: dsaleist feed works fine in BazQux.

Oh Wow! Very nice! I appreciate it. Forgive me for not following instructions :slight_smile:

How can I find out what I should be using for USERNAME and is it case-sensitive?

None of the variants of my gmail address are working so far.

You could set your username here

and don’t forget to uncheck “Keep all my subscriptions private” in
to not receive “403 Forbidden” errors.

Thanks, no luck though with my Name, nickname, or Display Name (#1 and #3 have spaces within).
I have both “Keep all my saved playlists private” and “Keep all my subscriptions private” turned off.


Can’t parse:
Can’t find Youtube channel

I guess it’s not important, but it’s not working for me. Youtube subscriptions are just something I’m destined to not be able to follow…

Hmm, do you see your user page on YouTube?

Perhaps you need to create your channel first.