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Get command in "Nitter"

I’m trying to use as a frontend to twitter to give me a better appearance in list mode. Looked promising until I tried the “G” shortcut to Get/expand urls in a tweet. Works fine in twitter, but get “no text extracted” for the same tweet through nitter. Here’s an example of a “nitter tweet” where it fails.

Martina Navratilova (@Martina): "…" | nitter

Is there something you can change so that nitter is treated like other social media feeds as you describe in the help text:

“g or ; or ] get full text of the current article or the link in social media feeds (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Telegram and VK) using Five Filters script”?


Sorry for the late reply. External links are now used to get the full text for Nitter feeds.

BTW, Twitter is supported directly. Maybe it worth to subscribe to Twitter feeds instead of Nitter ones.

Thanks for the reply. Wishing you and your family the best of fortunes in this tough time.

Yes, I do use Twitter in Bazquz. But since I use list mode, Twitter (and Facebook, and other addins) don’t read well in list mode since they don’t have formalized titles. I’m the guy that bugged you to offer an option to force these addin’s to have a bold title. But I’m guessing that would be way down on your TODO list. As a workaround I use a filter of "Show all except for twitter, facebook… for a more readable (bolded) list mode.

Thanks again for a great product!

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