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Images for feeds not loading?

Suddenly had the vast majority of my feeds not have the images load for them, just getting broken links instead. They load fine when I click on the posts to go to the websites.

I love how this issue is being fixed in real-time so quickly. Some of the pictures are now hilariously small though. It would be cool if we had a slider on our side to make them bigger as a feature.

Yes, it should be fixed now. Try to reload the page.

Reader remembers the size of the images to reduce layout jumps when posts are reloaded (posts are unloaded when they scrolled too far from the view and loaded again if you scroll back or reload the feed). Perhaps it remembered small rectangles of error images. Reloading the page should fix it.

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Yup, you seemed to have found the issue and fixed it in no time flat. Thanks very much!