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Inconsistent emoji handling?

I’m not sure where exactly the issue lies, but I found a situation with inconsistent emoji handling.
The feed address is TechCrunch. More specifically I’m referring to this article:
BazQux seem to show emojis in this article’s title differently depending on the browser.
I’m on latest stable version of Windows 10.

This is what it looks like on the website itself:
This is what it looks like in BazQux using Firefox:


This is what it looks like in BazQux using Chrome:


:eye: emoji seem to sometimes render in color and sometimes black and white.
Obviously not the end of the world, but perhaps this is somehow an indication of some other underlying UTF/emoji encoding issue?

Both icons are the same characters, so it’s not an encoding problem.

Looks like an issue with Firefox (and maybe Chrome too). It shows same issue on TechCrunch site itself — different eye emojis are shown for a moment before fonts and emoji images are loaded.

For some reason Firefox displays one (:eye:) or several (:eye::eye::eye:) eye emojis in text color but shows them colored if they’re after lips emoji (:lips::eye:).


Discourse substitutes images instead of emojis too. Try to copy text from discourse (or from TechCrunch title) it will copy :eye::lips::eye: instead of :eye::lips::eye:.