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Latest posts from Facebook pages years old?

The last couple days when accessing bazqux I’m shown a huge amount 200+ new articles from various facebook pages. The problem is they aren’t new. When opening them on facebook some of the pages haven’t even posted since 2015. This is making it really tough to sift through and find what’s actually new. No idea if facebook changed something but it’s really annoying and hope it can be fixed as I love bazqux to keep up to date with many bands/artists. Appreciate the help!

For some reason Facebook changed IDs for some of the old pages and they’re shown as new. I’ll try to make some fix for this next week.

Sorry for taking so long to reply. I have been busy this week migrating BazQux to new servers. The old ones were almost 7 years old and they started having some problems (like hanging sometimes, and finally bad blocks on one of the disks).

You need to market this, create blog entry or something, make some hype around bazqux.

Appreciate the help. Don’t know if there’s been a fix yet but seeing less old posts currently.

It seems the issue is back.Currently have 8000+ new articles from Facebook even though they’re old.

had 1k new articles yesterday. hope this gets fixed eventually as i love bazqux. i have mental health issues and it helps me avoid social media while still keeping up with bands i enjoy. im a bit of a nerd when it comes to music but id hate to miss a reunion show for an obscure band i hold dear to my heart.

This appears to be happening again with Facebook feeds.