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Limit of posts in a feed

Hey! I’m wondering how can I get a whole feed instead of last 20 items? e.g. I’ve subscribed for a youtube channel and while feed shows that there’re only 20 videos actually there’re 67 of them.


Original Playlist With All Videos

I’m an engineer that works mostly on RSS feeds, so hopefully I can spread some light on this issue for you.

RSS feeds generally only allow a limited set of items because providing a ton of feed items would be a lot of stress on the server and database. This is due to them requiring extremely long queries, which isn’t good in combination with the frequent polling that happens with RSS feeds.

If you use an RSS reader to consume the feed, it will usually cache/store feed items as they come in, so you’ll always have access to the whole feed. So I’d just use an RSS reader to get what you want.

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Thank you for clearing things up, ken! But as far as I understood, this approach will help me get only new videos/articles in cache. However, I also want to have access to the old ones (before I’ve subscribed).

Switch to all view, you might get lucky.
That said, it’s not guaranteed that everything is in the feed.
If for some reason you truly want everything scrape the site and create your own feed.

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I tried “view all” but it doesn’t help. I’m asking because at first I thought that the feed generation happens on BuzQux side, but then I understood that it’s rather YouTube itself. So I want to expand my question because for example Telegram doesn’t provide feed itself, so I assume that feed creation is done on BuzQux side and for Telegram there is also a limit of 20 items. And the question is - can I increase this number of items in feed or somehow cache it all in reeder or it’s not possible?

No, on bazqux side you cannot increase, or set anything. You can try hosting your own solution and trying with that.
I do not know what reeder is.

While BazQux uses YouTube API, it only fetches the last 20 items (otherwise, it will work too slowly and might get over YouTube API quota, although it’s very generous). For Telegram BazQux scrapes the web page, and it contains a limited amount of posts.

In general, RSS feeds contain the last 10-20 articles. If they will contain more, it means too much data will be redownloaded each time. And RSS is for getting new articles, not for archival purposes.

If you’re lucky and somebody had subscribed to your feed years before, you can see old articles in BazQux. But for new feeds, you might only see the last 20 or so items.