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Mark above or below as read and article menu

Yes, you can now mark all articles above or below current one as read!

There are several ways you can do it. There are new items in “Mark all as read” menu:

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Is there a way to change the right-to-left swipe functionality on mobile web to just mark an article as read or unread? Those other options are cool but I’m hoping to decrease the number of clicks when skimming through my feed.
Could this be set up as an option in the settings?

Perhaps I could add a setting for this. There are still long tap and drag from the right edge of the screen (although not always working due to scroll bar) to show menu.

Need to think a bit more (I don’t like too many settings, the more you have, the more variants you need to test and debug) but most probably I’ll add it.

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Hi, congrats, nice updates.

There is one feature I sorely miss yet my hunch is that it would be very easy to add.

In feed options, “Show new/all” is available. What I’d like to see is something like “Show read”, ie. a filter that shows only those items which have already been read.

What’s the use case for it? There are feeds that are high volume and one does not read (or explicitly skip) all and every item, indeed, cherry-picks only a fragment which seems interesting or relevant. (Eg. a feed listing properties on sale.) Then it often happens that one would like to revisit earlier seen items or do an overview of the ones gone through, but this is painful or close to impossible if all items are shown.

I can’t make the long tap, hold, and drag feature work unfortunately.

For me a swipe to read in the interface would allow for faster review of articles. Tap and hold brings up the same menu as right to left swipe. I’m looking for the same feature that’s available in Feedme, Inno reader and many of the app based readers. I think it’s a commonly used feature for a significant group of people and maybe will help increase your subscription rate in the future. Especially if it can be done from in browser which allows for instant synchronization unlike some of the apps.

Thank you for considering adding it and all the other work you’re doing on this marvelous app.

Interesting idea. I’m planning to add Reeder-like unread/starred/all items switch and not yet sure about “all read” option (too many choices), although it could be added as an option.

Do you mean it’s not working for you at all (menu does not appear), or that it requires more actions to mark item read?

Yes, I’m thinking to add this as an option. And thank you for the kind words!

Love these updates! Can you please link the FiveFilters UI from within the Bazqux UI? Maybe in the Add Subscription box?

It’s in Help => Resources section (quite far, yes). I’ll think, maybe it worth to add it to “Add subscription” box too.

Yeah! Maybe just show it when a user tries to add a URL and no feed is found? That’s usually the case when I need it the most.

Tangentially: I’m also increasingly running into an issue where sites that are rendered in JavaScript can’t be turned into RSS feeds even with fivefilters or other website→RSS services. Do you have any ideas about that? This is the URL I wanted an RSS feed for:

Yes, maybe it worth to add it. says that it can run JavaScript but it seems to not work with this feed.

Best way is to ask site owner to provide RSS feeds when there are none. Let them know about RSS and that it’s still useful and necessary.

Not sure if this topic is still relevant, but is also a great option.