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Mark Articles as Unread

Hello, I’m new to BazQux so still getting used to the site and have a question please.

I can see in the help section that I can use the keyboard shortcut of ‘m’ or shift+click to mark items as unread but is there a way to quickly mark all articles in a feed as unread?

There’s not such feature yet.

As a workaround you can press and hold ‘l’ (later) key which marks item unread and moves to next one. If you keep it pressed for sufficiently long it will mark all items in current feed as unread.

Thanks fo the reply @vshabanov! That’s not the most elegant solution but I just tried it and it will do the trick.

Can I suggest the best solution would be for the ‘Mark all as read’ button to just toggle between that and a ‘Mark all as unread’ option?

Another thing I’m confused about is why all articles in a feed aren’t displayed as unread on import of an .opml file? Is there a setting to change that behaviour or is it a deliberate design choice?

I’m thinking of adding “Mark all as unread” option to “Mark all as read” menu (to not change button title after each marking of all items as read).

It’s a design choice. Only at most 10 articles from the last 30 days are shown to not overwhelm user with thousands of years old articles after OPML import.