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Microsoft Developer Blogs Feed not working

I am subscribing to the Microsoft Developer Blogs website DevBlogs - Microsoft Developer Blogs using the “+Add Subscription” Button. BaqQux is able to detect the feed and allow me to subscribe to it. But, on opening the feed and showing “All articles” in the feed, the feed displays " “Microsoft Developer Blogs” has all articles filtered out (go to “Filters & streams” settings to adjust filters)." even though I have not added any filters or streams for my account, and hence unable to access any articles from it.

Am I making any configuration mistake at my end ?

Thank you!

Instead of providing the website in the + Add subsciption (ie. using the “Devblogs Rss Feed” button and getting the feed url fixes the issue.

It’s an incorrect message. The feed is empty.

It had some posts previously, but since no one was subscribed to this feed, posts were removed some time ago to save the disk space. I’ll fix the handling of such “cleared” feeds.

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Thank you for the update! :smile: