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Mobile phone theme

Hey there. I tried submitting this in feedback and didn’t get an answer. I load your RSS reader on my phone from time to time (directly the website, no app), and lately it’s been defaulting to the white theme even though I had it selected on Night. When I do select Night it automatically goes back to the white theme after a few minutes.

Hard to say what it could be. Which OS/Browser do you use? Looks like some privacy setting/extension.

After you mentioned that I was curious to try another browser. It does seem to work with chrome on Android 10. The one I usually use is DuckDuckGo. I don’t have any extensions for either of them…although DuckDuckGo has the privacy extension built-in.

I tried disabling the extension for DuckDuckGo and it kept doing the same thing.

Theme settings are saved in a browser’s local storage. DuckDuckGo might think that this is some tracking and clear it. Try to whitelist, if it’s possible in their browser. Or try to find a setting related to a local storage (or maybe fingerprinting, tracking) and try to disable it.

I went as far to look and find a feature request to allow whitelisting on the browser. So that seems out of the question. I tried playing with settings that seem related to local settings, but that doesn’t seem to change anything.

I guess I’ll use chrome if I want a different theme for now. Or the problem might fix itself eventually.

That was quick. I saw an update for DuckDuckGo and it seems to have fixed the issue. Sorry for bugging you.