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One-time "View read" button

Google Reader had a nifty feature: “View read” button that didn’t switch feed view mode to “Show read” permanently.

Case in point: I want to find some recent article marked as read (intentionally or not).

Current behaviour: I need to go into menu and find “Show all” item, find the feed entry I need then switch back to “Show unread” mode.

Desired behaviour: I press button “View read”, look through read articles, then, after reloading feed or switching to another view only unread articles are shown again.

I personally don’t see any use in permanent “Show all” mode, but that’s just me =)


It’s better to post feature requests to UserVoice so other people could vote and I could see them all in one place.

It’s actually a great idea. Can’t say ETA but I will implement it.

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Understood; didn’t find a link to UserVoice right away =)
Copied there:

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I’d like to second that, that would be very nice to have, I miss this feature quite often.