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Parler Feeds for Bazqux

Have you looked into ways to access Parler content for Bazqux? Thank you again for your wonderful work!

For context, Parler is an alternative to twitter where racists and white supremacists, conspiracy theorists and other right-wing extremists ran to after Twitter started banning them.
Google Play recently suspended Parler Android app and Apple is threatening the same with iOS unless Parler better moderates its content.


Thank you so much for taking the time to enlighten me! Those folks sound awful. Are you saying that there is no content in that medium worth following? I’ve never been on it, so I don’t know. I’m hoping that Bazqux can digest it, so I can follow the feeds I’d like to follow, rather than whatever Parler would serve me.

Not many people have asked about Parler so I have no plans to support it yet. Plus it seems to be member-only network without API so it’s hard to support it anyway.

I think it’s better to ask them to provide RSS feeds so any feed reader could read Parler feeds.

That makes sense. It’s really ridiculous that the vaunted world wide web has descended into these walled gardens. Thanks again!