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Please, test support for iPhones with rounded corners and 10+ inch iPads

Hi, I’ve added support for iPhone X (and other devices with rounded corners):

  • Site is no longer cropped horizontally in landscape mode
  • Images are stretched to full width
  • Tables/code sections can use full screen width too (when scrolling is necessary)
  • Swiping from the edge of the screen to open left panel or context menu is working in landscape mode
  • Few accommodations for swipe from the bottom of the screen.

And there are changes for newer 10+ inch iPads – portrait mode is no longer looks like desktop (with margins and blue cursor) but uses mobile view with full-width images. Since iPad screen is large enough I’ve added margins so text is horizontally aligned with avatar and subject (it’s easier to read) instead of using full width. But you could tune margins in Appearance settings to change it.

Margin settings are now remembered separately for landscape and portrait mode. So you could have larger/smaller margins in landscape mode and have the same margin once you rotate your phone back to portrait mode.

It’s available on and I’m planning to roll it out to the main site soon. But who knows, maybe it doesn’t work well on all devices. So, please, test site if you have device with rounded corners and/or larger tablet. Please, report any issues you have or just confirm that it works fine.