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Request: Enable user-submitted site configs


Is it possible to enable user-submitted site configs on
It would make it possible for us to create our own feed from any site.

It will require admin access so I can’t enable it.

But there is a siteconfig parameter which you could add to feed URL so you could try it. You’ll need to URL-encode it. Simplest way is perhaps to open your browser development console and enter:

"" + encodeURIComponent(`
site config
`) + "&url=<your_source_feed>"

and then open a resulting link to check the text extraction results.

After you get working config you could submit it in a pull request to so your config will become available on all FTR instances in the world soon after Five Filters will merge your PR.

Trying to convert a site to rss with xpath.
“User-submitted site configs are currently disabled. Please remove the siteconfig parameter.”
Is what I get back.

Example based on your input:” + encodeURIComponent(`
body: //img[@id=‘strip’]

`) + “&url=”

Oh, didn’t know that it’s disabled by default. I’ve enabled siteconfig. Try again.

Awesome, thank you!
(Apparently this post needs to be 20 or more char long :smiley: )