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Rules Framework

Hi, would it be possible to implement a rules engine? Smart streams work very well but it would make it more flexible to utilize the query strings to do things such as assign tags, mark articles as read or favorite, etc.

Could you provide some example rules you want to see?

Marking as read is already done with filters. Assigning tag/favorite could in theory lead to too many tags/starred items assigned and some bulk untagging feature will be necessary.

Integrating with 3rd party services could be done via public feeds and IFTTT/Zapier/Integromat.

What I like in current filters/streams design is that they don’t perform any actions (like rule system would do). So you won’t accidentally mark everything as read with bad filter and you immediately see filtering result (unlike some rule actions that will be performed on future posts only). Rules are quite opposite thing and I would better to not implement them or implement something that solves problem without using rules.