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[solved] Option to display oldest entry first or to resume progress

I recently imported my twitter feeds to BazQux. I found it would be easier to follow the conversations if I can read the older posts first, or start from where I left off and work the way up. Could this be possible? My current hack on desktop is to use “on click=mark as read” mode, scroll all the way down and click through, which is getting harder over the time.

Upper left, the pulldown for the settings for a feed: combine “Show new” and “Sort by oldest” – oldest items will show up at the top, can use ‘J’ (“next article”) to step through to the newer posts


Ohhh I’m an idiot. Thank you so much. I only went through the h help menu and the upper right dropdown items.

edit: Editted the title (adding [solved]) and moved the post from feature request to support questions.