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Subscribing to YouTube Searches

I don’t know if BazQux officially supports this, but am curious. If I do a YouTube search for anything and then sort by an upload date of today, I get different results in BazQux than I do from the resultant YouTube URL.

As an example, a search for “led zeppelin” sorted by an upload of today gives the URL:“led+zeppelin”&sp=EgIIAg%3D%3D

If I add that to BazQux, I get different results than I do from YouTube. This goes for virtually any other way I try to sort it as well. Sort by upload date, etc

Is there something I’m missing when it comes to subscribing to YouTube searches?


BazQux returns what YouTube search API returns to it.

For YouTube search requests, filters are ignored, and videos ordered by date are returned. So if you set “order by date” in YouTube search filters, you will get similar results, but some videos may be missed.

I don’t know whether it is related to personalization, video access restrictions, or just some overly aggressive YouTube search optimizations, but results from the web and API differ, and there’s not much I can do about this.

Ok! Thanks for letting me know.