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Support issues with bazqux


are you getting replies to your support emails?

It’s been a while since I last got mine (and I tried to contact a couple of times),
so I decided to post here some of my issues with the service:

  1. I cannot subscribe to, bq gives me the error “SSL protocol error: error:141A318A:SSL routines:tls_process_ske_dhe:dh key too small”, I can subscribe in inoreader for example

  2. facebook videos start without sound, is it possible to start them with sound? maybe an option on bq’s end?

  3. some facebook pages post empty articles (obviously because they are posts from a facebook page/user that can’t be displayed in bq), is there any way to hide them?

thanks in advance

kind reminder? @vshabanov

where are you mate @vshabanov ? come on we need your support!!

you feeds aren’t updated!!

Feeds stopped updating! Fix it please!

I had contacted him on email and now I sent him on twitter too,
I just can’t understand how is someone running a service and not monitoring it
(and support emails etc),

if he doesn’t want to do it (no time etc), maybe he should hire someone to do it,
we are paid users and we have the right for support I think

I’m monitoring, but I don’t have time to fix every non-urgent issue the day it reported. And I fixed a lot of issues reported by you, more than for any other user.

  1. works fine at the moment, but its feed is empty

  2. fixed now

  3. no way yet

yes you have, I don’t complain but you didn’t fix them for me but I was the one that reported them, if the service was mine, I wish I had many users like me that find out issues with using it