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Tweets deduplication


I’m following a lot of Twitter accounts using Bazqux (great feature by the way).
My problem is that I get a lot of duplicates in my Bazqux feed, as a lot of these accounts retweet the same messages.

Is there a way to prevent this behavior and have each retweeted message displayed only once for all accounts ?

Unfortunately, no. I’m thinking about some kind of deduplication but can’t say when I get to it.

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Not a big deal, thanks for the answer !

May not be a help here completely but you can add twitter feeds which excludes retweets or replies.


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Thanks Steven. :slightly_smiling_face:

I already excludes replies, but I don’t want to miss retweets. My issue is that the accounts I follow often retweet the same tweets.

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What may work is adding all of the accounts you want into a twitter list then add that list url to BazQux. Pretty sure Twitter lists don’t show duplicated retweets.

The list would need to be non private.

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I didn’t even know lists existed.
I created one and it seems to work (too early to be sure duplicates are gone but I’m optimistic).
Thanks !

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