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Tweets not updating

Do we have a Twitter situation again?
My latest Tweets are from 2d ago

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It’s worse now:

(of course I haven’t received any email with the details about what was violated, and many other services were banned without any explanations as well).

Twitter added API access tiers:

  • free – only allows writes
  • $100/month allows to read no more than 10000tweets/month
  • enterprise – a custom quote (I’ve heard it starts from $42k/month)

Since BazQux Reader needs >100k tweets a day I’ve requested an enterprise access, but I’m afraid the price will be prohibitive.

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that Twitter will be available in BazQux any time soon.


Sorry for being extremely out of loop, but is nitter alive as a workaround w/o the api fuzz?

I used to have my twitter feeds in nitter, but it was a public instance and I switched back to subscribing twitter links for rate limit. If it could work, I might want to selfhost a nitter or alike this time. (edit: typo)

Thank you for the information.
Really sad and bad news but you can’t be blamed.

welp, it’s time to use nitter then. Would it be feasible to scrape the page instead of using the api?

this was by far the only sane way to browse feeds from that horrible site. thanks while it lasted!

what a dumb decision. I guess I’ll be back when they reverse it lol

Yeah… BazQux for Twitter was truly a blessing

nitter duplicates the tweet content in subject and body, is there any way to avoid this?

Try Open RSS: Twitter Feeds - Open RSS
My Open RSS Twitter feeds are updating. The downsides are: 1. the ?exclude_ replies, ?exclude_retweets filters don’t seem to work with Open RSS. Replies and retweets have to be filtered out with a BazQux Hide filter. 2. The Tweet content is duplicated. 3. You can not play video.


Great solution for time being though! Thanks for sharing

This might be a stupid thing to suggest. But since this seems to be a case of not enough money, but a group of adamant fans that might have some money…would patreon for Bazqux be out of the question?

Twitter responded, and their enterprise access starts at $42000 a month. That’s way out of any budget. So, unfortunately, Twitter will no longer be available at BazQux.

BazQux is already directly supported by its users. It’s strange to use fundraising platform for commercial app. And I’m not sure that there’s enough adamant fans to give $0.5M every year just for a Twitter support.

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I see people have mentioned Nitter above. Maybe worth saying that Nitter instances often provide RSS feed urls free of charge. For example, I use [https://], where the xxxxx is the Twitter user name without the @.

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Thanks again for your wonderful service! I note that you make available the feed creator service from five filters to your subscribers. Have you considered making available the feed control service as well? That service, on a self-hosted basis, apparently permits Twitter feeds to be converted into RSS.

Another idea is to use RSS bridge on a self-hosted basis or otherwise and parse that one out. I’ve been experimenting with the HTML output they generate from Twitter timelines and running it through the feed Creator service from five filters that you generously host. So far, my big obstacle is finding a way to adjust the item URL appropriately.

Thanks again!

Just looked at the Feed Control docs at FiveFilters. It looks like you could perhaps use the webhooks feature to grab Twitter content.

I would suggest viewing the discontinuation of the free Twitter API as an opportunity to unburden yourself of this now toxic website owned and operated by a complete moron.

Yes sure that are plenty of interesting and informative characters still using the site, but the cons now outweigh the pros. It’s just not worth it anymore IMO. Plus it’s been a massive time suck in the past and I’m glad to be free of it. That’s what I realised in between the time tweets stopped updating and implementing the Nitter solution as suggested above.

With that realisation clear, I have just finished running a Keyboard Maestro macro to unsubscribe from the 238 Nitter feeds I had subscribed to. Good riddance!

@vshabanov if you gave Twitter one measly cent at this point it would seriously diminish my opinion of you and the wonderful service you provide here.

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“if you gave Twitter one measly cent at this point it would seriously diminish my opinion of you and the wonderful service you provide here.”
lol, what does this have to do with the service?
If it’s a sound decision business vise then you go for it, if not then no.