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Unread items are not in bold for some feed

I have added feed, and it looks different from all other feeds - unread items doesn’t have bold font:

This feed doesn’t have titles so there’s no bold title text. Unread items are differentiated by white/gray background color. Boldness of titles doesn’t change when you mark article as read.

With title it much easier to see unread:

Can something be implemented for such feeds without a title? To make it more contrast.

Hard to say. Title and text are different things and making title-less articles behaving like they have a title could lead to a confusion.

I’ ve been asking for this for a long time. One great thing about Bazqux is how vshabanov has add-ins for twitter, facebook, and other non-traditional RSS sources. I >>>wish<<< there could be an option to bold the text that appears in the summary screen even though it’s not a “title”. Here’s what it looks like now for unread twitter entries in my “latest” screen

The twitter entries are unread but look read to me. I’m red-green colorblind if that makes a difference.