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Youtube channel not showing update

Hi One of the youtube channel not showing new videos despite it being updated on the site, could you check whats going on with it?
channel in question:

Should be fixed now. Thank you for reporting this.

Was this only 1 feed affected or others too?

Other feeds may be affected too although it’s rare case.

Sometimes latest videos aren’t latest in playlist that YouTube API returns. I suspect it’s related to video dates (missed videos in this feed are from 2018 and 2019), i.e. YouTube website shows videos sorted by published date but API returns them sorted by upload date.

Usually it’s not an issue since new videos are still in the list of last 20 videos that are fetched. But in this case new video was on position 54 in playlist and was missed. I’ve added checking whether playlist videos are in mixed order and fetch 100 more items for such playlists. It’s still possible that some old videos that were just published will be missed but it should be very rare case.

Thank you for the explanation!