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Youtube Subcription Issue

As my YouTube channel subscription list is fairly big and there are some channels I want to watch their content more I uses BazQux as a way of subscribing to these priority channels, However today some videos are showing in my YT subs but not in the BQ feed list. Looking into it if I use the direct Feed to one of them of

it shows the latest video. If I delete the subscription to that channel in BQ and add that feed address it doesn’t show and turns the feed url into

If I visit that URL directly its missing the latest video.

Whats going on? It’s obviously not all your fault, for some reason the upload feeds aren’t updating for all users on YouTube but when the raw feeds are fine and its just the upload list that’s not updating its a little annoying that BazQux can’t just use the raw feed address

I can’t reproduce this. How you’re adding feed to get this redirect?

I’ve just pasted
into “Add subscription” panel and it subscribes fine and shows latest videos from the channel.

Maybe you’ve accidentally marked latest videos as read then you could try click on “N New” button and select “Show all” to see all videos including already read ones.

And you could just subscribe to and BazQux will find feed URL for you.

It has shown up now nearly 24 hours later.

As I said if I loaded the feed in my browser I could see that the feed saw the latest video. But what BazQux converts the feed into which is playlist?list=UU0sHHy5A8VUTHE_ysXeCO2Q&

it wasn’t showing even when you visit that URL in your browser. For some reason the upload page that BazQux converts it to doesn’t seem to always update in real time when if it used the feed itself it would

If I potentially have to wait nearly a day because the page its parsing doesn’t always update (again despite the feed itself having updated) it really lowers the value of this service

Oh, now I see. Discourse transformed playlist URL to something strange so I didn’t get what happened.

BazQux uses YouTube API to get YouTube feeds.

YouTube API does not have ‘channel’ feed—it only has playlists and channel feed is its “uploads playlist”. So BazQux converts channels to playlist URLs to not search for playlist ID on each update (and bq_guid_format is a compatibility parameter to keep item IDs same as in YouTube feeds, it’s used internally by BazQux and ignored by YouTube website).

For some reason while video was published around Feb 15, 9:30UTC it appeared in uploads playlist only around Feb 16, 0:00UTC. Unfortunately, I don’t know yet why it happened.

I’ll think, maybe it worth to use RSS feed and then use API only to get video duration instead of using API for everything.

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