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Themes, typography and image proxy

Hi, today I’m glad to announce a number of new features in BazQux Reader. Go to settings ⇒ Appearance (or press Shift+T) to see and configure them:

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When i am trying to insert full text rss feed into bazqux, it doesn’t work. Says - “SubToMe Docs” has no unread items. Link what i am getting in is

For some reason this link works fine for me. Try to add this feed directly in reader

Wow! What an unexpected set of changes! :slight_smile: :+1:
Would you consider making full text extraction and image proxy a persistent per-feed setting? Make it two options for each feed to be able to always use your image proxy on a given feed and to always extract full text?

Additionally, would you consider collapsing article’s tags to 1-3 lines with ability to expand them if necessary(although i’ve never needed it)? I see some feeds kinda stuff keywords in them and it looks messy and needlessly takes up vertical screen space.

I’m not seeing any images at all - neither inline nor the icon images that used to show beside each headline - after the changes took effect.

Have you tried the usual troubleshooting tests of logging out from bazqux and clearing your browser cache?

@Alexander_Manusovich you made a mistake in how to use subtome. On ftr’s page you click on “Subscribe to this feed” text, then you click on “View full list of services” and then you find Bazqux in the list and click there to actually subscribe. :slight_smile:

Oh, I see. You don’t need to add SubToMe page to BazQux. You add directly from SubToMe to BazQux.

In SubToMe click “View the full list of services” and click on BazQux Reader. It will add feed to reader directly.

You could also click on heart icon near BazQux Reader—it will be added to list of favorite services and will appear in main SubToMe dialog next time.

If you’re not seeing any image at all try to sign out and sign in again. If you’re using make sure to use NOT

Interesting idea about making image proxy a per feed setting. From my limited experience it works well, however some some sites may block it. Maybe I will implement it.

Regarding per feed full-text. I’ve had a plan to do it for a long time. Without changing feed URL, making full-text feed core feature. But there are always some other features to do and I’m not sure whether blog authors will like it so I’ve decided to self host Five Filters service as at least something before bright future come true :wink: So yes, I have a plan for it.

Collapsing overlong tag lists is a good idea. But can’t say when I get to it.

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Thanks! I am still not getting point why SubToMe come up if all i need to do is just add to the bazqux. Seems to me that it could be implemented in bazqux without extra steps.

Another thing. Is it possible to embed youtube player to the full text feed items? Right now it is not displaying youtube videos.

Cleared cache, logged out and back in. Tried both login pages separately. Still no images at all. Also tried every combination of the image settings in the Appearance menu.

All my interface became giant. Any way to fix it?

Sure. Go to Appearance dialog (Shift+T) and click on “a” in “Reader font size” setting to decrease reader font size.

That’s strange. Images should load with image proxy off. Feed icons are always loaded from BazQux Reader servers so image proxy settings do not affect them.

Try open
what error do you see?

And do you have any browser extensions installed?

Hey, you rule! This is much more than I was expecting.

Just a question: how long do proxied resources live on BazQux’s server? Also, when are they initially added to cache? I have a large number of feeds and I don’t want to kill your app.

Resources are cached for at least an hour or more if they have Expires/Cache-Control HTTP headers set. Cache is currently limited to 20GB (which is arbitrary number that I could raise at any moment) and will delete old data once filled. So, I hope, reader will survive )

Thanks! That’s 20GB per user or 20GB period?

(Either way, you have full permission to delete as much of my cached stuff as you like.)

Thanks a lot for maintaining the service. There were no news/updates on it for quite some time and I started to worry a bit whether time is coming to look for another RSS web reader. Relieved that I was wrong.

Also it’s probably worth to put some effort into popularizing bazqux, I don’t think that lots of people know about it.

Thanks again and best!