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Themes, typography and image proxy

20GB total. Anyway, it’s not hard to redownload a file (looking at current stats image proxy takes only 1/7 of traffic used for updating feeds), plus your browser should cache something too.

Thank you! I’m much better at programming than marketing. I’m writing about BazQux here and there but I need to develop new features and handle support requests too.

Hope that it will be easier to popularize reader with more modern look and more features.

But the best thing is if you will spread the word about reader to your friends, on your blog, social media and internet forums.

Full-Text RSS is a separate 3rd party service. It is generic and feed reader independent so it uses SubToMe as generic “Add to my feed reader” button.

It’s possible to add URL conversion directly to reader and perhaps I will do it.

Full-Text RSS should display YouTube videos. Perhaps it works incorrectly with particular site and just ignores videos. You could mail problem feed URL to so I could take a look (I prefer not to write any custom text extraction rules since they could break anytime but maybe videos are not working for some other reason).

For some reason it seems like a new full-text service mangles encoding on some Russian-language feeds. For example, articles on are fine as they are but after a click on “Get full article text” button they flip to someting like wrong Latin-1 encoding.

Love the new set of updates. Especially the Full-Text RSS. I’ll be converting some of my feeds to that as would much prefer to read using BazQux than have to go to the individual website.

To echo the sentiments above from @amalitsky, thank you for continuing to maintain this service. I’ve been using it for going on 6 years now and it’s by far the best RSS reader I have used.

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Should be fixed now. Full text content is cached for a day so some posts could still be mangled but they will work OK tomorrow.

Beautiful amazing update, thanks for investing so much time and thought into this!

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All text copied from BQ now has hidden Optional Hyphen symbols inside words. Here how it looks in the MS Word:

This makes copied text useless for copy/paste to search in the web.
Is it possible to fix this?

Enjoying the full text feed addition. Just one question though. Are the full text feeds checked for new content at the same frequency as their original rss feed?

Yes, they’re usual feeds for BazQux. No specific processing is done and they’re refreshing with the same frequency as any other feed.

But they don’t have realtime updates since they’re tied with original feed URL (not all feeds have realtime updates though).

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Thank you for reporting this. Soft hyphens are now removed from copied text (refresh page to update).

One thing that I’ve found annoying for some time is that the watch later buttons on youtube videos don’t work here. I rarely want to stop to watch a youtube video while I’m reading my feeds, but I frequently want to mark them to watch later.

These buttons have been problematic for a while, but with this update, the watch later buttons don’t seem to appear at all. I’ve found a browser extension that allows me to use a contextual menu to access the watch later functionality from the desktop browser, but it is currently impossible to do this from a mobile browser (without launching the youtube app, which will usually start autoplaying a noisy ad).

Is there any way this functionality could be restored?

Works great now, thanks.

Is there the possibility to make the reader look like the very same as before this update?


Sure. In Appearance dialog change font to System and decrease “Reader font size” and “Line height”. Maybe you’ll need to increase “Text width” if you make font very small.

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That’s because of was used instead of to lessen tracking. I reverted it back to—as I understand YouTube will still track you one way or another so let it, at least, do something useful for you.

You still need to click “play” to load real YouTube video instead of placeholder first.

On desktop browser you could open browser console and enter


that way YouTube/Vimeo videos will always load immediately (can considerably slowdown your browser) and you will see “Watch later” buttons without additional clicking.

Thanks, that makes it a little easier on the desktop. I’ll try that for a while and see if the loading time difference is annoying enough to make it worth sticking to my browser extension workaround instead.

Btw, changing this setting doesn’t seem to fix the issue on mobile. However, if anyone else is having the problem on android, I just thought to search the play store, and found an app called “watch later” that I can redirect youtube links to instead of to the youtube app, which solves my problem there as well.

It appears that swipe left to go to the next article in the feed is not working any longer on JustReader for Android after recent changes. I am wondering if there is a way to fix this issue?

All these changes are related to web app and have nothing to do with standalone mobile apps.

And JustReader is no longer supported so nothing could change in it too (it doesn’t even on Google Play store anymore). Perhaps some some Android setting was changed, can’t help there.

I would recommend to try FeedMe as the only Android app that is in active development. And try to add BazQux Reader website to your home screen—you’ll get very nice fullscreen web app which many people like much more than any mobile app (although, of course, it doesn’t offer offline mode).